Our Team


Each of our department is strategically segmented to perform individually and as a whole.
We excel together and of course, have fun together.
We are constantly growing, click on our Careers page if you are looking to be part of this family.


Our director is in charge of the management of the company’s business, making strategic and operational decisions and oversee the advancement of the company.

Finance, HR & Admin

The Finance, HR & Admin team oversees the financial and workforce resources of the company to ensure happy staff and healthy company assets.


The Logistics team oversees shipping, receiving and warehousing of products. They ensure that products are dispatched to the right location on time and at a good cost.

Marketing & Design

The Marketing & Design department focuses on overall brand positioning and creatives to drive brand growth and awareness with the usage of creative marketing strategies such as content creation and paid media marketing.

Sales & Business Development

The Business Development & Sales team actively engages with customers and brand principals while sourcing for potential leads and brands to build the overall business strategies and drive revenue growth.