Kracie operates in the fields of toiletries & cosmetics, which are closely related to the everyday lives of their customers. The history of the toiletries & cosmetics division of Kracie began in 1936 when their predecessor successfully developed the technology of refining raw oil used to make soaps from chrysalises of silkworms for the first time in Japan, and introduced the highest quality soap, 'Savon de Soie', to the market.

Today, by utilizing original technologies and know-how in this area, the division provides high quality but reasonably priced home-use products for daily living such as body washes, shampoos, hair conditioners, hair styling products, basic skin care products, bath salts, depilatory products, etc., to provide more comfortable daily lives for our customers. It also supplies a wide range of items for business/professional use, produced for beauty salons, hotels, golf resorts, and urban spas.

Daily use items including basic skin care products are used at home and often on your bare skin. That is why they think it is very important to provide user-friendly and safe products. They are also making an effort to take good care of the environment through promotion of refillable products. They will continue to support the clean and beautiful lives and you and your family with the utmost of care.