Itsukano Sekken Soap Bar

A deep cleansing bar soap that moisturises skin and tackle stubborn black heads for a brighter looking skin.

Protease: an enzyme that helps to digest different kinds of proteins. The human skin is made of protein and regenerates to create a new layer of skin. However with age, the regeneration speed decreases and keratin (dead skin cells) starts to get stuck – leading to dull skin. Protease breaks down the keratin on the top layer of the skin which makes your new skin smoother.

– Coconut oil: rich with Lauric Acid , similar to skin’s sebum. Helps to clean the pores while moisturising the skin and does not leave your skin feeling tight.

– 23 Types of Multi-Element Ingredients: Work together to maintain skin’s condition. (Silicon, Aluminium, Iron, Potassium, Natrium, Calcium, Magenesium, Titanium, Palium, Zirconium, Phosphorus, Argon, Maganese, Strontium, Rubidium, Niobium, Zinc, Thorium, Gallium, Lead, Palladium, Tungsten and Yttrium)