Real Lasting Tears Tank

The waterproof multipurpose tool for creating the irresistible ‘aegyo sal’ or ‘namida bukuro’ look sought-after by everyone. One end is equipped with a brush filled with 3 key beauty essences to help moisturize dry skin and prevent anti-aging. The other end holds a pot of fine pearl powder that blends flawlessly for a natural finish. Like other all K-Palette products, this baby can last all day with its waterproof function.

3 Key Beauty Essences:
■ Hyaluronic Acid & Collagen: Keeps skin enriched & moisturised
■ Polyglutamic Acid: With moisture holding ability of 9 times more than Hyaluronic Acid
■ Sophora Flavescens: Prevents skin from aging

Glamorous Pink
Enables user without naturally puffy under eyelids to create an obvious tears tank with it’s slightly higher color contract against the skin.

Elegance Beige
For users who wish to enhance their existing tears tank naturally by discreetly creating that extra shimmer.

2 shades available.