Kracie Home Products is pleased to announce the release of a new skin care brand – CReeR, with two 4-in-1 Wipe-off Water Cleansing products that functions as a makeup remover, facial wash, exfoliator and toner in one.

The reason why it is difficult for cleansing ingredients to approach makeup when wiping off with cotton is due to the water molecules that get in the way. Focusing on resolving the issue, we arrived at the “Makeup Catching Micelle × Minus Ion Effect”. The “Minus Ions” in the product attracts water molecules, enabling the “Makeup Catching Micelle” cluster of cleansing ingredients to approach makeup and dirt more easily, effectively removing all makeup and old keratin. On top of ensuring that the product removes makeup well, we have put in effort in perfecting the feeling the product leaves on skin after removing makeup, incorporating hot spring water which is said to have skin beautifying properties in the formula.