PRO (single)

Inspired by the “universal beauty color of the world,” beautyblender® pro™ utilizes the innovative shape, texture and material of the famed beautyblender makeup sponge and enhances its ability to create a flawless, radiant complexion with its dark, black coloring. Made specially for professionals and best for applying darker toned, long-wear cosmetic products, as well as self-tanners. In celebration of fashion’s signature color- pro™ – displays pigment more prominently.

“The sponge signifies a more high fashion, prestige image, paying homage to the industry’s talented professionals. The dark coloring displays makeup pigment more prominently for a true-to-color, flawless application. The pro™ is great for artists working on several clients who want to separate their sponges by color (black, white, pink).” After debuting the sponge backstage during New York Fashion Week, it was no surprise that makeup artists could not get enough of the exclusive little black item.