Automatic Beauty

Weary of your single eyelids, or perhaps puffy eyelids that make you look tired? Or maybe, you would just like to enhance your existing double eyelids that you feel can be even more attractive. After all, as the saying goes, ‘Eyes are the window to the soul’. And which girl doesn’t want to look their best, and to attain their ‘Big Eye Dream’?

Now, you can achieve a pair of dazzling eyes that looks just like a Japanese girl’s with AB double eyelid accessories! Utilizing the latest technology in Japan to create beautiful eyelids, the improved AB Mezical Fiber 2 is the most popular of its kind yet. This top seller employs the use of fibre-type adhesive tape, which leaves behind natural-looking double eyelids and zero residues after removal.

Since its inception, the hot seller has received overwhelming positive reviews and support from not only consumers, but even celebrity makeup artists! Further reinforcing the quality and popularity of the product, AB Mezical Fiber 2 has consecutively remained at the top spot in, a portal for trending Japanese beauty products. What’s more, prolonged usage of the fiber tape is said to lead to the formation of permanent double eyelid lines!Having converted 9 out of every 10 Japanese and Taiwanese female from messy and trouble eyelid tapes to fuss-free and natural AB Mezical Fiber 2, we look forward to similar support from our local females!

AB double eyelid accessories come in 6 different designs, to cater to the different eyelid types (single, puffy, double). Want to achieve natural and lasting double eyelids? Try AB Merzical!

Available at selected Sasa outlets.