To be the leading distributor and marketer for innovative and quality consumer products that improves overall well-being.


To source for quality consumer products from all over the world and making them available to the market in Asia, while focusing on a long-term development of every brand, from induction of new product to building image and market expansion.



Japalang Pte Ltd is a distributor for many world-wide consumer brands in Asia. Established in 2007, the company specializes in providing holistic business solution for the sales, marketing, brand development and distribution for an array of consumer products.

The company strongly believes that each brand is unique and the key of success lies in embracing the brand’s philosophy and working closely with our partners to realize its potential. With a passionate and highly motivated team, and wide network of business partners to deliver our dedication and commitment, Japalang has expanded our portfolio of consumer products from mass market beauty brands to include luxury brands. In recent years, we have also developed online presence with Beauty Carousel, an online store set-up to provide easy access to the many fabulous and innovative beauty products from Japan, Taiwan & UK.

Japalang is strategically located in Singapore with an access to a wide distribution network both locally and regionally. The company works alongside with established partners like Asia’s No.1 Health and Beauty Chain, AS Watsons Group, Sa Sa International Holdings Limited, with over 240 retail stores and counters in Asia, as well as leading departmental stores like Takashimaya and BHG. Within a span of few years, the company has also extended its distributions to regional countries such as Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia and Thailand to achieve a significant distributor position in the market.